Supplement 1: Gender in Epiphany

This isn’t a normal Epiphany episode, but a note from me, Kaye Boesme. The content of this episode is on the cultural guide to gender (the TL;DR gender guide). I went with gender-neutral pronouns for everyone in Epiphany, including men and women, because traditional gender roles are not identical to those practiced in most Earth cultures with which I am familiar.

This episode does not address the specific gender-neutral pronoun chosen, but is intended to be a cultural orientation to help listeners understand the world as Salus sees it and the political and social environment of gender in mid-19th century Standard Count Tveshė. The reality of the matter is that the ruling culture, the Sabaji Tveshi, has only 3 recognized genders, and this has implications for the ways that Ịgzarhjenya (including the Narahji), Iturji, and Hicịptụ citizens exist in Tveshė’s legal and social realms.