Entry 47: 41-44 Poråkol 1865

41 Poråkol 1865

Regent Thassañi met with me again, and I learned so much from lim (and ler staff) about the way we will market my appointment to the press: The assassination has provided them with the opportunity to add more Narahji representation. This is important because the Daybreak Movement has started recruiting from non-Shiji groups. That’s what we will say. We will say that Tveshė is many people, but one country, all under a descendant of Sehịnta.

News agencies will cover this story in Menarka while keeping a spotlight on the funeral preparations in Galasu. Half of the residents of Narahja boycotted the former Fadehin’s funeral in 1861, and we can’t have that happen again.

It all makes political sense.

Secretly, I have different orders: The first is to ask someone from the Kohjenya — probably Liga — for a friendship ritual to solidify my ties with them in a way that people could understand. The second, to meet with international diplomats like my father to assess what can be done to improve the status of naturalized citizens. The third, To Be Determined or something, accompanied only by a soft smile.

The diplomats will all likely say what I have said for a long time: Even if history is silent on the matter, the Sabaji invaded us long ago. The Tveshi monarchy is illicit as long as it is stationed in Sabaji territory. It is impossible to consider the Occupation without thinking about the Sabaji conquest of the Tvaji continent. Everyone knows what happened under the Taritit.

After we threw them back, it was almost like there was a new beginning, I think, in that first year — but they drew the same political borders that had existed before. My family did nothing. Other families in Narahja protested. The Tsatsubvya are the most noteworthy.

I only mean that it’s important to have regional pride, and that slight did happen fifteen hundred years ago. They should stop looking at us that way as if we are all demi-traitors, and we should stop expecting this country to be something different.

We know so little about the Sabaji invasion in comparison that everyone has painted what they know about the Taritit onto the Sabaji. I mean, it cannot have been that bad, and some of what I’m saying sounds — I’m doing this for my family. There are certain prices for ambition.

We have a tough time ahead of us if part of my job is to help unify Tveshė. I have never been a separatist, and neither has my family. We must reconcile all of this somehow. We just must.

42 Poråkol 1865

Kitesrati and ler matriarch will come to Galasu. I am not fit to travel for at least three more weeks, according to my doctors. During the checkup this morning, they said that I have not rested enough. A nurse practitioner drained pus from the wound in my shoulder, and I have had an injection to stop an infection. They’re worried that it will pass into the blood, so I was sent home with a tray of antibiotic needles for the next ten days.

Liga and I discussed the friendship ritual that I mentioned yesterday. Karatau wants lim to do it. It is unclear to both of us if this will impact my ability to visit some Narahji temples. I’ll have to check.

Are the Kohjenyakri different? Karatau says yes. No oracle has verified this. That’s what I’ll have to do.

Liga says that the Kohjenya could barter access to better healing medicines from Namgyatzi. I asked lim about the cost. They must pay in information. I don’t know that I want to put them in that position? The injections will be fine.

43 Poråkol 1865

Today was Remembrance Day. My family attended the official ceremonies. Matriarch Mohata gave a televised speech. It was painful to participate even with the wheelchair. When I came back and lay down, I finished the backdated entries. Suka doesn’t know why I have switched back to traditional paper at all. I don’t know what I want to tell lim.

44 Poråkol 1865

Kelta’s body has been identified. When I first heard the news, I started crying even though I shouldn’t have checked my comm band during that meeting. I, like everyone else, wish that nothing like this had ever happened. I barely knew lim.

Adviser Tenes and I went out to eat in the early evening. Le is just so impatient and has so much trouble slowing down for me. It was really rude. I cannot wait for this healing to be over. The infection hasn’t gotten better. I know that I should slow down, but there’s so much to do, and I now have all of these other responsibilities. It’s hard.