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One year after ler fiancée dies, Salus takes a big risk: The Progressive Movement has an opening in its national office, and it wants Salus for the job. It is an opportunity to achieve the fame and recognition le has always wanted in ler war hero family.

But there are shadows. It has only been 5 years since protests in Salus’ province of Narahja went violent. Isolationism ended 3 years ago with the opening of Ameisa’s 3 spaceports. The country is still reeling from both. And now, a threat — a group called Daybreak, skilled at assassinations, has a new target. Some lim, identity unknown.

Salus knows one of the women involved. Salus also knows that without clear evidence, informing the police could mean a defamation charge and a prison sentence. Seduction and betrayal could give Salus the opening le needs. But how far is le willing to go?

Epiphany is set in a science fiction, far-post-Earth world. It’s an epistolary work written entirely with gender-neutral pronouns (why GNP? click here), and most characters are LGBTQIA++. Thematically, Epiphany explores the cognitive ghosts that loss leaves behind and the things we do to escape them.

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