The Seven Papers

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from the


in the
Chamber of Darkness

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Sacred friendship Eton ụm tibo sa cetet. Eton ụm xromnibo sa cetet ċowe blam-ụm limðibo eton oro mağin cetet amnånintimi.
Zero (0) The word zero is nåmċen baðụ in Mamltab, which means empty jar. It is ịg in Narahji. It is nål in Tveshi. Clocks on all worlds start at 00:00 and count up to their concluding hours. These words all have emptiness inside of them waiting to be filled with moments. Zero is also the year the Ịgzarhjenya states united for the second time.
Blackout I naökda glabdeml iku natzlaịrru.
Truth Gábeìya do qàðiwà gámwo.