Welcome to KayeBoesme.com


I do conlanging, stories, and poetry.
The page about me is mostly blank, storyteller-style.

I’ve published a bit of poetry under my given name that you might like:
Pandora: An Afterthought” in Goblin Fruit
CDM” in Astropoetica
Generation” in With Painted Words
Mississippi Apollo” in Eternal Haunted Summer
A Prayer to the Mousai at Taughannock Falls” in Eternal Haunted Summer
(At one point, I also had a haiku in AlienSkin, but I think it’s no longer on the Internet.)

You probably want Epiphany or Twitter.

Epiphany and the Seven Papers from whence
it came are about bitter rivalries,
the rise of three great families, and a hieros gamos that will change
the march of time itself.

It’s rather like life.