Hello, this is Kaye Boesme.

Welcome to my site! I'm a librarian-writer-poet-podcaster-conlanger who achieved that number of hyphenated activities through midnight sacrifices to gods of yore. This site will link you to my published work, my conlang/writing blog, and to my podcast and conlang projects. I'm very easy to email — just add @speedpost.net to my first dot last name.

Here's a privacy policy and a bio.

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My blog. Topics: Conlanging, writing, and worldbuilding.

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What I’ve done in fiction and poetry.

A note on pronouns in my work: I tend to use le/lim/ler for referents. I am pro-neopronoun and want to normalize an opening up of the options available in singular third person, so I balance using le/lim, ze/hir, and singular they, depending on the specific piece. Most of the time, I make use of le/lim or ze/hir in writing because I like number inflection.