Hello, this is Kaye Boesme.

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As a caveat, you will see the pronoun “le” used throughout this section. This is not a typo — I'm pro-language reform. Singular GNP is easy for antecedent reference in fiction, and one of my major fiction/conlang interests is gender systems. My fiction mirrors the pronoun systems that are actually used by the cultures I write, so works like Epiphany use le/lim/ler for everyone.

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A young political staffer uncovers a conspiracy against an unnamed official and must seduce an undercover reactionary with the help of a hacker who isn't all that le seems. Podcast with full text transcripts. Updates Thursday nights EST.


Over the years, I've published some poems. Many are under my given name.

The Seven Papers

My main fiction project is a 5000-year-long historical speculative fiction piece in 9 volumes. It's mythopoesis, primarily prose with some forays into verse. Think a retelling of the story of Iphigeneia.